View Private Instagram Profiles Online

Do you want to view a private Instagram profiles? Well, it’s now possible to do that with the help of Private Instagram Viewer. So once you have access to this online FREE tool, private profiles on Instagram would no longer be hidden from you. You would be able to view messages, photos, followers, etc immediately! It’s a user friendly tool, and the process is not lengthy at all to view Instagram profiles. This online tool will allow you to see private accounts online that you want without any fuss.

So What’s The Way To Use The Private Instagram Viewer

The process is simple. Enter the URL or username and within seconds the pop up with profile’s exact information will be displayed. All the photos and information next to each photo will be displayed. This includes comments, number of likes, size and download option. So you now understand, Instagram viewer is that powerful. It’s the simplest way to open private Instagram profile with ease.

So What All You’ll Be Able to See with Instaviewer?

While using Instagram when you come across any private account, you won’t get access to it. at the most you will be able to see a profile picture, a name, and a message that tells you that account is private. However, using this handy online tool you can see what you want to. So, let’s have a close look at all that you can see when you view various private Instagram profiles with this amazing tool:

Photos and Videos

Even though it’s possible to see a person’s profile photo when their Instagram profile is set to private, you will still be able to immediately view all their account photos without any restriction. Besides this, you will also get access to comments on the photos from other users as well. People spend so much time to find ways to see private photos (It’s the most widely typed phrases in Google) and you can view any Instragram profile details without any restriction!

The Process To Download Photos

Once you enter the required information in the app, it will immediately download the photos to the database. It will them show them to you in a uploaded version. They can also be downloaded after two hour period. Then IG viewer deletes this information and is ready for newer information. 

List Of Followers

You get access to people who’re following any Instagram account, and the people that the account user is following. Usually these details are hidden from you when the profile is set to private. Using Private Instagram Viewer, you will be able to see all followers/following and even the page details at the single glance whether or not you’re blocked.

Direct Messages/Instagram Live

With this online tool, you will get ability to read direct messages linked to the account, which is much more than you can see when you look at non private, regular account.

Additional Features Of Private Instagram Viewer

This tool has an additional feature that can even be used to download photos from any private Instagram account. So this feature allows you to view the account, and can you can save and share them too.

In short, you get complete access to any private Instagram account and can quickly navigate it jsut as you’re navigating any account that’s not private. simultaneously, you can benefit of additional features that allow you to look deeper into the Instagram account and see direct messages. 

Spying on your crush or ex? Want to keep any eye on your wife or hubby? Did you get blocked or don’t have permission to have a glimpse of a private profile. 

The process is not that simple but we’ve tried to make it simple for you. We’ve been able to crack the code. Browse videos and pictures of private Instagram account in a completely anonymous way with Private Instagram Viewer.

What’s The Process To Open Private Instagram Profile?

Well, the process to open private Instagram profiles is very simple. Besides viewing private pictures, comments, likes, you can even download them to your device. First, open Private Instagram Viewer and type in the Instagram ID or the URL. The app will quickly recognize the profile, because it has access to the database of Instagram. This database is updated every two weeks. 

Instagram Private Profile Viewer – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any need to download this tool?

A. No, everything is online and request just the username.

Q. Will using this online tool leave any kind of trace that links back to my profile?

Your personal details are not required. You just need to provide your target’s username. The tool uses a dedicated IP address for this purpose.

Q. Is there any limit on the number of Instagram accounts I can actually view?

No, you can view unlimited Instagram accounts. 

Q. Is it Possible to View Direct Messages Using this App?

Yes, it’s possible now to do this. It’s a new feature that has been implemented and work’s well.

With thousands of satisfied users of this tool, it’s completely safe to say that the process fo viewing a private Instagram has never been so easy! You get more than what you’ve asked for. You can view comments, videos and pictures including likes on each one of them. There’s no need to follow someone hoping they would accept your request just in case you want to spy when this tool does the job in seconds. 

So If you are interested in viewing Private Instagram Profiles. Instaviewer is the best solution!

Millions around the world search desperately to find some way to view private Instagram profiles. And yet, most of them end up frustrated, with all those private messages, photos, comments and followers/following lists firmly locked away from them after hours of fruitless searching. Sometimes they get involved in complicated procedures that wastes lots of time that you could otherwise spend doing something more enjoyable. This tool can work any browser and is the best free hack to date. 


Once you choose Instaviewer, you will be able to view private photos, both non-private and private Instagram accounts will be completely open to you to view and download. You would get the ability to browse each aspect of these accounts without any hassle or restrictions. There won’t be any surveys. You won’t have to key in your credit card details. Go ahead and enjoy this free tool.