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CSR Racing 2 Hack Methods

Coming from the famous Natural MotionGames ltd. Is a sequel to CSR Racing, CSR Racing 2. It is a drag racing game with great animation that has hit a total of 10 million download. There are two types of currency here as it’s always is in most games: in-game currency, cash and real life currency, gold. Obviously, gold is the rarest and is what everybody search for.
The game currently features some Fast and Furious characters. So, of course, everyone wants them and the new cars, and the parts. So many things to get, yet, so little you can do.
And, thus, this page is going to tell you the tips and tricks and CSR Racing 2 hack ways in the game to earn that extra cash and gold. Some of it are pretty easy, such as by completing offers and accepting the free gold offered.
Here I will list out the ways and all of these CSR Racing 2 hack methods DO NOT need any additional download of hack tools or generators!

1. Completing offers (gold)
When you enter the purchase store, you will see a button that says Free Gold. Once you tap on that button, you will be sent to page of offers from TapJoy. There you’ll see a list of offers with the amount of gold you can earn from it.Some offers require you to spend some money on it, such as by registering or subscribing on a specific app. But, don’t worry, most of it are offers that can be done without spending a single cent. Once you complete them, you will earn your gold.
2. Win a race (gold, cash)
This is a racing game, so obviously, racing is a method of living in the game. You earn cash every time you win a race. Not just cash, you can also earn gold from filling up the respect point bar. When you win races, you fill the bar. Once the bar is filled, which means you reach a level, you earn your gold.

CSR Racing Cheats Crew Championship

3. Crew Championship (gold, cash)
Winning races earn you cash. Win more, gain more. However, if you manage to win a Championship instead and place in the top million, you earn gold. Higher rank means more gold, so you skill will pay you well in here. You can participate in a Championship by being a part of a crew first and visit the crew hangout to take part in the Crew Championship. You can also earn cash from the Championship based on your rank.

4. Sell unused parts
You can get some parts in the Service Trial Area and if those parts are not for cars that you already have, you can sell them for cash.
5. Complete goals (gold, cash, keys)
The goals area reward you with mostly cash, sometimes keys and rarely gold. Rare, but still there. Finish the goals as soon as possible so that new quests can be generated. Of course, finish questswith gold reward first, so that the chance for the next goal to be a goldone is higher.
These are some of the main methods to earn cash and gold in the game. Hope that this CSR Racing 2 hack methods can be useful for you and most importantly, enjoy the game!