10 Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know About

The popularity of Instagram has been growing gradually since its launch in 2010. With over 500 million active users, Instagram has become a globally renowned social media network. Recently, users have adopted unique ways of sharing content and engaging with their followers thanks to the addition of the Snapchat-like stories feature. Instagram has grown from a simple application for sharing pictures with old-fashioned filters to a state-of-the-art app that has a wide array of hidden features that require a sharp eye for details and regular use of the app to discover. Are you exploiting these hidden features? Here is a guide on 10 instagram tricks you didn’t know about .

1. Automatically hide inapt comments 

If you are going through a hard time dealing with trolls on your Instagram, there is a trick to bar them from posting nasty comments on your posts. If you have many followers, blocking every person that reacts to your profile in an undesired manner might be impossible. However, you can adjust your settings to allow Instagram to filter inappropriate comments for you. Go to your profile settings, choose “Comments” and select “Hide Inappropriate Comments.” You can also enter phrases or keyword that will allow the app to remove any comment that contains them automatically.

2. Receive notifications from individuals you follow 

If you want to keep track of the Instagram activities of a certain account, click on the profile of the account you want to receive notifications from and enable notifications. This way, you will receive notifications of all activities that take place in the specified account. 

3. Pause, re-watch, fast forward, and skip from one story to another 

Instagram stories last for few seconds. Therefore, if you zone out or look away for even a second, you may miss important content. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions for re-watching, pausing, forwarding, and skipping through stories. By tapping and holding, the story pauses. You rewind a story by tapping the screen’s top left while swiping left allows you to skip through stories. 

4. Mute unexciting stories from your stories feed 

If you want to hide uninteresting stories from some of your followers on Instagram without unflowing them, you should tap and hold on their profile picture bubble on your stories feed. A menu containing a mute option will appear at the foot of the screen. Then, click on the mute option.

5. Reduce your data consumption 

Instagram can really consume a large portion of your data by continuously downloading photos and short videos. Go to the options, select “Mobile Data Use” and choose “Use Less Data.” That way, your mobile Internet will last for a substantially longer duration.

6. Remove your search history 

You can carry out odd stalks on Instagram and delete your past search activity to prevent anyone from knowing about it. Tap on the options and choose “Clear Search History.”

7. Delete unwanted tags 

You can hide embarrassing pictures or posts that you are tagged in by your followers. Tap on the Options button and choose “Photo Options.” Then you can either choose “Hide from My Profile” if you want to keep the image away from your profile or “Remove Me from Post” if you want to eliminate unwanted tags. 

8. Come up with a business profile 

If you leverage your Instagram to promote your brand or business, creating a business profile will enable you to monitor your marketing progress. Other users will also easily contact you if they want to buy your product. To upgrade to a business account, go to the options menu on your Instagram and click on “Switch to Business Profile.”

9. Identify active hashtags to include in your posts 

Identifying and using unique hashtags is a wise strategy for achieving Instagram success. You can search trending hashtags on Instagram or leverage tools like hatagify.me to come up with interesting hashtags to make the photos or videos you upload interesting.

10. Use multiple accounts 

Today, you can use multiple Instagram accounts on a single phone without necessarily having to log in and out constantly or utilizing third-party apps. The process of linking a new account to your application involves going to your profile, clicking on the setting, selecting “Add Account,” and following the prompts until the linking process is complete.

While the above tricks may not be that dramatic or new to you, they can help you optimize your Instagram experience. They can make your pictures and videos more interesting. They can also simplify your daily use of the app.